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Reviewed journal of comeniology, history of 16th–18th century and regional history of Moravian-Slovak border region


Issue No. 99–100 XLVIII/2018 in preparation.


Current issue

Studia Comeniana et historica 97–98 XLVII/2017



Nejeschleba Tomáš, Borders between Catholics and Non-Catholics. The Core of Valeriano Magni’s Theological Polemics I summary

Richter Manfred, People, Languages, Thoughts – Space and Time: Borders and Cross-border Boundaries by Comenius I summary

Stalla Bernhard, Borders between Lands, Nations and Confessions and the Cross-border Thinking of John Amos Comenius I summary

Pavlas Petr, Word as a Definition: Comenius’ Logical Purism I summary

Čížek Jan, Comenius’s Emendation of Society and its Limits I summary

Lischewski Andreas, The Location of School and School Area before the Problem of Social Change. Comenius’ Deliberations about "locus scholae" in the Horizont of Early Modern Development I summary

Řezníková Lenka, Borders as a Social Institution and Cartographic Category in the Early Modern Conception of Space. On the Contemporary Research of the Space and Border in the Early Modern Ages I summary

Kovářová Helena, Ornaments and Figures. The Graphic Decoration of Maps of Moravia by Fabricius and Comenius I summary

Chrást Josef, Comenius’s Map of Moravia from the Perspective of Contemporary Geospatial Technologies I summary

Červenka Jan, Border between Polemic and Dialogue in the Literary Disputes of the 15th Century I summary

Smyčková Kateřina, Catholic and Non-Catholic Hymnography – Heavily Guarded Border? I summary

Červenka Radim, Sin as a Border between Denominations in the Czech Lands before White Mountain I summary

Borkowski Andrzej, The Phenomenon of Borders and Landscape in 17th Century Prose (Avvakum Petrov – John  Chryzostom Pasek) I summary

Mitáček Jiří, The Lucko Field Phenomenon. Questions and  Answers about the Everlasting Mystery of the Moravia and  Slovakia Border I summary

Knoz Tomáš, Borders in Comenius’ Region and Comenius’ Time I summary

Nováková Lenka, Border in the Everyday Life of the Hukvald Dominion Inhabitants in the Second Half of the 17th and 18th Centuries I summary

Vybíral Zdeněk, Hungarian Military Border in the 16th Century as a Mental Category, Geographic – Cultural – Military Term? I summary

Matula Jozef, The Borders between Myth and Philosophy in the Work of  Leone Ebreo (1460–1535) I summary

Vodešil Petr, Continuity, Tradition, and Revolution. Burke’s Conservative  Alternative of Revolutionary Principles I summary


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