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Vivat Comenius (Netherlands, Naarden)

A Herald of Learning, Humanity, and Tolerance


The purpose of this exhibition, which was opened on 24 May 2006, is to show the personality of Comenius from an unusual angle and attract the general public to his extensive and interesting work and, above all, to its unique and timeless ideas.


The uniquely conceived standing exhibition tries to utilize as much exhibition space as possible with the following aims:


1. Divide the knotty life story of Comenius into segments and periods that are easy to grasp and understand,

2. Divide the exhibition space along clear lines.


The main part of the exhibition consists of eight panels arranged in a circle that divide the life of Comenius into eight periods:


Son of Tolerance, 1592–1614

Hope, 1614–1620

The Mournful, 1620–1628

New Home, 1628–1641

The Way of Light, 1641–1642

Lost Hopes, 1642–1648

Grapes of Frustration, 1648–1656

Angel of the Peace, 1656–1670


The rear side of the six panels has been artistically conceived so that three panels form a triptych. The contemporary painting has been inspired by different periods in the life of Comenius. The panels are arranged into a circular formation and topped up with an image projection, which is accompanied by period music and further works out the content of each of the panels. In addition to its circular formation, the exhibition space is enhanced by light, video, and music. Wall-mounted panels deal with various topics related to the life and work of John Amos Comenius. The exhibition is complemented by a full-colour brochure describing in detail the respective periods. The brochure is available in Dutch, English and Czech and every visitor receives it with their ticket for free.

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