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Comenius′ Contribution to the Humanity

Sections of the Exhibition:




A – The Gate of Matters Unlocked: An introductory audiovisual programme

The initial part of the exhibition is focused on the times of J. A. Comenius. The audiovisual programme titled The Gate of Matters that is projected on the screen shows Comenius′ life on the background of historical event. Read more


B – Back to the Roots: Historical context

In this historical and biographical section of the exhibition, the spectator can walk through the Europe, Czech state, and Comenius′ fatherland of the late 1500s until the 1650s. Read more



C – The Fount of Learning: An audiovisual programme

This audiovisual programme is situated scenically as a notional well. The water has dried up but the well has remained, and if you lean over its edge and look inside, you will see shadows of the past times on the imaginary water surface. Read more


D – Library

On the wall opposite to the entrance, we can see rows of books dating back from Comenius′ time.

Comenius′ works are presented on rotating data cylinders on both sides of the old library.

The map hanging on the wall by the door shows the towns where Comenius′ books were printed in the 17th and 18th centuries. Read more


E – Labyrinths: Paths to an improvement of all things human. Comenius′ biography. Comenius′ oblivion and rediscovery.

This section is aimed at mapping Comenius′ life and activities after he left his country in 1628. The display is designed so as to make visitors find their way to the information by themselves. Read more





F – School by Play

The School by Play exhibition is partly based on the contrast between the old and the new school. When observing Comenius′ principles of pedagogy and didactics thoroughly, we will come to the conclusion that the two schools are identical. A row of desks dating from the 2nd half of the 19th and the 1st half of the 20th centuries stands in the middle of an old classroom. Both sides of the classroom are lined with teaching aids used in different fields of science between the 1930s and 1950s.

The new classroom is often used for programmes for children, they can learn about biology, history of the region or the physics of Comenius′s time. Read more




G – The Way of Light – An audiovisual programme based on Comenius′ General Consultation on an Improvement of All Things Human

This audiovisual project is the climax of the exhibition. Inspired by Comenius′ most important work, the famous General Consultation on an Improvement of All Things Human, a dramatized dialogue between a modern man and the thoughts of the 17th-century Czech scholar is presented. Read more


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