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If possible, please send the paper via electronic post (pospisilova@mjakub.cz) or on a data media, eventually typewritten by post (Muzem J. A. Komenského v Uherském Brodě, Přemysla Otakara II. 37, 688 12 Uherský Brod).



  • the lenght of the paper should be approximately 15 standard pages (please consult longer papers)
  • summary in English language (should not exceed 500 characters)
  • papers in foreign language must have a Czech summary (may be provided by the editors)


All the papers are peer-reviewed by two independent experts and their publication is conditioned by the possitive reviews and by the approval of the Editorial Board.

Editing Principles for Publication in SCetH





Formatting Your Paper:

  • Title of the contribution: Times New Roman, font 14.
  • Authorʼs name: Times New Roman, font 12.
  • Text of the contribution: Times New Roman, font 12, a text should be 1,5 spaced.
  • Footnotes: Times New Roman, font10, a text should be 1 spaced.


Style guide, citations:


  • Johannes Piscator, In Apocalypsin Johannis commentarius, Herborn 1613.
  • Milada Blekastad (ed.), Unbekannte Briefe des Comenius und seiner Freunde 1641–1661, Ratingen – Kastellaun 1976.
  • John Robert Christianson – Alena Hadravová – Petr Hadrava – Martin Šolc (edd.), Tycho Brahe and Prague: Crossroads of European Science. Proceedings of the International Symposium on the History of Science in the Rudolfine Period, Prague, 22–25 October 2001, Frankfurt am Main 2002.


Article in Conference Volumes:

  • Werner Korthaase, Philipp Melanchthon, Praeceptor Germaniae, sein Einfluß in Deutschland, Böhmen und Mähren, in: Reinhard Golz – Wolfgang Mayrhofer (Hrsg.), Einflüsse von Luther und Melanchthon auf das Bildungswesen in Mittel- und Osteuropa, Münster 1997, pp. 100–136.


Journal Article:

  • Milan Kopecký, J. V. Andreae a J. A. Komenský: literární analogie a diference, SCetH XVIII, 1988, Nr. 35, pp. 160–168.


Archival Source:

  • MZA Brno (name of the archive and a city), fond G 486 (fund, its call number or shelf number), i.nb. 565 (inventory number or bundle), f. 45 (folio).


Electronic Source, web:

  • Vladimír Urbánek, Komenský a vizionáři sedmnáctého století, Katolický týdeník [online], http://www.katyd.cz/clanky/komensky-a-vizionari-sedmnacteho-stoleti.html [8. 12. 2015].



  • If you cite the same source in the following footnote use Ibid: Ibid., p. 78.
  • If a work is cited in a text more than once: W. Korthaase, Philipp Melanchthon, Praeceptor Germaniae, op. cit., p. 120.