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Reviewed journal of comeniology, history of 16th–18th century and regional history of Moravian-Slovak border region


Issue No. 101–102 XLIX/2019 in preparation, expected publication date: autumn 2020.

You are welcome to send in you contributions for the issue No. 103–104 L/2020. Deadline: September 30, 2020.

Current issue

Studia Comeniana et historica 99–100 XLVIII/2018



Kateřina Smyčková, The Concept of Sacred Bohemia in the Work of J. I. Dlouhoveský I summary


Aneta Kubalová, Politics of the Leipzig Colloquy Reflected in the Sermons of Lutheran

Theologican I summary


Olga Chadaeva, Visions of Universe in Theological Works of Ruthenian Authors in the Seventeenth
Century: Kyrylo Tranquilliion Stavrovetsky and Simeon Polotsky I summary


Adéla Rádková, “I am an American in My Principles.” Hume and the Americans of the Revolutionary Generation I summary



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