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Ethical Guidelines for Authors:

1) You are obligated to submit your paper for the review process. You should respond to the reviewer′s comments and make appropriate corrections based on these comments. In case of a substantial contradiction, you should contact the editors or you can withraw the paper.

2) You cannot submit identical or almost identical paper to other journals.

3) You must follow the Editing Principles for Publication as well as the given citation format.

4) By sending the manuscript for the review, you authomatically declare that all the data in the paper are true and original. In case you have used works or formulations of other authors, you shall quote them appropriately.

5) In case you discove a substantial mistake or inaccuracy in the published paper, you shall immediately notify the editors and cooperate with them on the removal or revision of the paper.



Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers:

1) If you cannot judge a paper impartially, you should not accept it for review or you should notify the editor as soon as you appreciate the situation. You should contact the editor also if you believe that you are not qualified to evaluate the article or you do not have enough time to evaluate it.

2) Reviews should be objective evaluations of the research.

3) Reviews should be constructive and courteous and the reviewer should respect the intellectual independence of the author.

4) The submitted manuscript is a priviledged communication and must be treated as a confidential document.

5) Reviewers should not make personal or professional use of the data or interpretations.

6) If you have any affiliations that may be perceived as a conflict of interest in reviewing the paper, you should not accept it for review. Among these affiliations, there are:

  • professional, financial or personal benefit of the reviewer connected with the possitive or negative review of the paper,
  • cooperation on the subject in question in the last five years,
  • substantial difference in opinions on the subject in question.


7) If you do not notify the editors about any of the above-mentioned issues, the editors shall assume that there is no conflict of interests.

8) You should notify the author in case you find some of the substantial literature concerning the subject in question missing in the paper. You should notify the editors in case you find any substantial similarity of the paper to other published paper.



Duties of the Editors:

1) Editors should ensure that all the submitted papers are peer reviewed.

2) Editors are responsible for the content of the journal and the quality of the published papers.

3) Editors should evaluate the paper objectively. They should discole interests that might appear to affect their ability to evaluate the papers. Editors should follow the main criteria of the selection of the papers, which are:

  • scientific quality and importance of the particular paper,
  • compliance of the paper with the focus of the journal.

4) Editors should ensure that all those who carry out peer review on behalf of the journal understand and adhere to the need for confidentiality relating to the peer-review process. The identity of the author must not be disclosed to the reviewer and vice versa.

5) Together with the editorial board, the editors deal with the possible appeals of the authors concerning the reviewer′s comments and other complaints.

6) Editors make the final decition about admission or refusal of the paper.



Duties of the Editorial Board:

1) The Editorial Board strives to maintain excellence with respect to the academic quality of the journal and supports plurality of opinions. Based on its debate, the Editorial Board may publish possible corrections, appeals and apologies.

2) The Editorial Board has the authority to comment on the peer-review process in all of its stages.

3) The Editorial Board inspects observance of this statement on publication ethics and malpractice.



This publishing ethics is based on the Code created by COPE. The information is available here: www.publicationethics.org.